Saturday, February 4, 2012

 Habian 5 sapitos.
This is the Spanish version of 5 green Speckled frogs. It is slower you can speed it up a little when you sing it, or you can whisper it. I tried to do it the same tune as the 5 green speckled frogs but it didn't make sense in Spanish, so this is my own version.

Esta es mas a menos la traduccion de 5 green speckled frogs. Es mas lenta pero la pueden cantar mas rapido, o decirla bajito. Trate de hacerla en la misma tonada que la de Ingles pero no hacia sentido, entonces es mi propia version.


  1. im glad you like it ill be posting another one soon

  2. Hi. I found your video looking for a Spanish translation of "5 Green and Speckled Frogs". Since the Spanish words don't work with the rhythm, I'd love to use this song in conjunction with the other. I could not find the lyrics anywhere online. Can you post them? Thanks! Also, as a singer and sometimes music teacher, I appreciate how you sing with gusto. So many teachers don't.