Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dr. Jean & Friends Blog: SCIENCE IN A BOTTLE

Dr. Jean & Friends Blog: SCIENCE IN A BOTTLE: My friend Iris sent this photograph of discovery bottles she created with her students. She took recycled bottles and engaged the...

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I am super excited that I sold my house and will be moving to Florida in August. School begins there for teachers August 13th!. Wow.  No job yet but have been sending applications left and right, literally Lake, Orange and even Osceola county, a radius of 30 miles around Clermont where I will reside soon. But I would love to get a job in Clermont there are a couple of schools I am very interested in so fingers crossed and prayers sent!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I haven not been here much but soon I will be adding some new materials and videos. I am working summer school 1/2 day so I will have more time . I just finished translating some work for Dr. Jean Feldman and Iam super excited about that will share soon!.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Las letras del camion

Dr Jean has a cute song about the  alphabet called The Letters on the Bus. Which I translated with her permission.

  The Letters on the Bus
                  (Tune:  “The Wheels on the Bus”)
                  The letters on the bus all make their sounds,
                  Make their sounds,
                  Make their sounds.
                  The letters on the bus all make their sounds
                  All around the town.
                  The B on the bus goes /b/ /b/ /b/, /b/ /b/ /b, /b/ /b/ /b/,
                  The B on the bus goes /b/ /b/ /b/ all around the town.
I  shorten it to just saying the letter sounds with the same tune
La A en el camion dice  a/ a/ a/ a/ a/ a /a/ a/ a/
la A en el camion dice a a a por la carretera
La B en el camion ...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taking home a baby bumble bee spanish version

This month we are all about insects and I was going to teach my students the baby bumble bee song and I realize I needed to teach them a version in Spanish so I made one up. Remember it is a silly song and I was trying to stay as close as posible  to the original plus making it rhyme so here it is:

Me llevo una abejita para casa

                                                    (tune of I'm taking home a baby bumble bee)

Me llevo una abejita para casa
mi mama se va a poner contenta
me llevo una abejita para casa
Ay me pico!
Aplasto la abejita para casa
mi mama se va a poner contenta
aplasto la abejita para casa
huy que sucio!
Me limpio la abejita para casa
mi mama se va a poner contenta
me limpio la abejita para casa
 Ay me van a castigar

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Las Vocales

Hi I have been a little under the weather on this winter break, but wanted to share a song I made about the vowels in Spanish
He estado un poco enferma  en estas vacaciones de invierno pero queria compartir esta cancion que hice de las vocales en espanol
Las Vocales
Tune of Oh Susana!
Con la A comienza abeja, abanico y avión
Con la a comienza aire, amarillo y azadón
A a A, a mi me gusta la a,
 Astronauta y araña también comienzan con A.
Con la E comienza  estrella, elefante y edredón
Con la e comienza  escoba, escritorio y empujón
E e E a, mi me gusta la e,
 Enfermera y escalera  también comienzan con E.
Con la I comienza   iglesia, insecto e invierno
Con la i comienza   iguana, imán e izquierdo
I i I a, mi me gusta la i,
Isla e iglú también comienzan con I
Con la O comienza    ombligo, oso y oreja
Con la o comienza    ocho, oro y oveja
O o O  a, mi me gusta la o,
Otoño y orquesta también comienzan con o
Con la U comienza     uno, unicornio y urraca
Con la u comienza   urna, uniforme, y usada
U u U a, mi me gusta la u,
Ultimo y uvas también comienzan con u
By Iris Nieves 2011

Saturday, February 18, 2012

25 things I learned in February The show

Happy Winter Break! Yey  boy I need it. Thursday night I couldn't sleep so around 1:30 am my mind was very creative although my eyes wanted to rest and I came up with a review idea for the last day before the break.I placed all the topics (read, draw, sing,write) in a bag and each (contestant) picked a topic.They had 3 chances or they could pick another. They would get a prize just for trying!  The kids loved it, they were helping each other and cheering. At the end we all hugged our brain's ( an idea from Dr. Jean) I send it as a letter for parents to practice with kids at home.

1. Sing the alfabet( abecedario)
2 Write from 1 to  ___
3. Sing the song
yo te daré
4. Sing the song 
Habia un sapo (atencion atencion web site)
5. Sing the song  
lagartijo (atencion atencion web site)
6. Sing the song  
5 monitos
7. Sing the song  
habían 5 sapitos
8. Sing the song    
la Arañita (intsy wintzy)
9. Draw a esfera/ sphere
10.Draw a cono /cone
11.Draw a cilindro/ cylinder
12.I can say the /calendario
13. I can write 3 words  yo esta mama
14.I can read 3 words   casa dedo pelota
15.  I can read a sentence Yo estoy en mi casa.
16.I can count from 1 to ____
17 I can draw a circle/ circulo, square/ cuadrado and a triangle/ triangulo
18 Sing the song
el oso subió a la montana (bear went over mountain)
19. Sing the song 
Juanito cuando baila
20. Sing the song 
días de la semana
21. I can say the /colores (8)
I can draw a person a house and a tree
23. I can say 3 forms of transportation
24. I can say the sound of the letters

25. I can hug my brain
 Dear parents today we did a game where each child did one of these activities. At home see how many of these activities your child can do . Mrs. Nieves